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Back in 2012 I followed an introductory yoga course out of curiosity. By the end of the course it was clear to me that this was something I was going to keep in my life. I signed up for a school and started exploring lots of different styles and teachers. For years I extensively practiced vinyasa and later ashtanga yoga.

Not long after I moved from Amsterdam to Berlin, the pandemic hit. Naturally, things collapsed and unfolded. I had decided that ‘right now’ I was no longer going to pursue a career as an electronic music composer but as a ‘yoga teacher’.

In exploring the Berlin yoga-scene, I realized that I was looking for a change in the way things were taught and practiced. Although I was content with my physical abilities and discipline, my practice lacked creativity and felt superficial. Slowly I felt more and more disconnected to the linear and strict approaches to movement and to the way my teachers channeled knowledge. What is ‘yoga’ and what do I want to teach became relevant questions.

This brought me to the Dynamic Mindfulness School, where in 2021, I completed the 200hrs+ Foundational Teacher Training with lead teacher Tatjana Mesar. Ever since, my views on yoga, movement, meditation and life itself changed radically. My studies with Tatjana continue with the 300hrs+ advanced teacher training program.

As a trained composer for electronic music I learned how wonderful and complex sound can be. As movement & mediation practitioner and teacher this learning process continues, but then in context of the body.

When I am not teaching or practicing you will find me studying the body in the realms of biomechanics and anatomy, walking and occasionally you will find me doing nothing, just sitting.

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Photo credits: Gyan Gurung & Tim Bary