Guided Walking Meditation


Katya & Rijk

Having no place to go makes it easier to be where you are.
— Jon Kabat-Zinn
In walking meditation we are not trying to get anyplace or arrive somewhere. We just walk for the sake of walking. It is slowing down, coming back to the body. It is Bringing our attention to the present moment and enjoying it.

With guidance through pre-planned routes we support you to attend to the walking itself and to become aware of the body as you walk.

During our time together we try out different tools for walking meditation that can be brought into daily life. We will Walk, Move, Stand and Sit and we will give our best to do it mindfully. This is the intention.

What to expect:
  • Experience the basics of walking meditation
  • Find an addition or alternative to sitting meditation
  • Listen to rustling leaves and singing birds
  • Bring walking meditation into your daily life
  • Practice awareness of the Body
  • Enjoy a calming atmosphere outside urban landscapes

Our meditation walks are planned for every 2nd Saturday of the month. Next walk is on December 9th.

Join us. We look forward to just walk with you.

Katya - This is That & Rijk - Remember NOW in Motion